Still a fist fight: Stock, tulips, anemones, perennial scabiosa and freesia still light in supply!

Hops has been finished by the rains in the northwest! Snowberry finished in white and pink!

Beauty asters and kangaroo paw still down and off crop for the season!

Pincushion protea  and ranunculus still imported sources only available to date....
Dahlia numbers beginning to go down for us, book ahead!

French lavender still making numbers, China mums in chestnut Ivanhoe, burgundy Garnet King and local football mums in white and yellow arriving !  Red and gold Rovers available!  

Artichokes and pomegranate and stripped acorn by request for a seasonal change.  
Local pink ice protea making a comeback!  
Local Antique Hydrangea still a good buy!  green spotted and pink spotted varieties still strong and sturdy,  more grasses to choose-switchgrass, green/bz millet, the black/purple millet, explosion

Herbs- sage, mint, rosemary. scented geranium, bay leaves!

Color breakdown of our inventory!


Pomegranate, Sumatra lily, purple acacia,Raspberry vine (preorder!),Beauty asters, celosia, coxcomb, Anemone fuschia Pink shades in hypericum, chocolate large artichokes, Astilbe, Burg and Cranberry Scabiosa, Veronica pink, Nerines, Dahlia, Calla lilies, Matsumoto Asters, Amaranthus Hanging and upright , Snaps, Red Asiatic lilies, Gladiola, Agonis foliage, smokebush,  Monkeytail, red ti leaves, tulips, mini calla lily light and hot pink, red, black, gerbera, glads, lisianthus pink and pink  gerbera, stock, cymbidium large and mini, larkspur, protea-pink rose spoon,  safari sunset,  lilies la hybrid and asiatic--samur, pink vermeer,  oriental and OT lilies-Justina, Acapulco, starfigher, Sumatra lily, alstromeria,berries: RED hypericum, roses: shocking, tenga venga    spray roses:  true pinks-colorado, lydia, red scarlet mimi, hot pinks-lovely lydia, BURG TI LVES, Grevillea, hanging red pepperberry, Black calla lilies, red calla lilies


Larkspur, liatris, local hydrangea- lavender to gunmetal blues and purple, echinops, eryngium, beauty asters, purple kale, Dahlia-lavender-burgundy,Sweet Peas-Purple and Lavender,  French Lavender, Liatris, scabiosa, Matsumoto asters purple, Blue cornflower, kale purple, Orchids,Veronica blue, dark blues,  Eryngium, Scabiosa , Statice seafoam, sinuata,  French lavender, , Hybrid Delph, scabiosa, delphineum belladonna, bellamosa ,iris:powderblue , purple, dk blue, sa hydrangea blue,larkspur- lavender to purple. lisianthus lav to purple, liatris , tulips- lavender to purple, freesia, mini calla lilies, stock, waxflower, snaps,  HYDRANGEA, fillers:  greenmist, misty blue, purple kale, montecasino,  


Hydrangea,  Explosian grass, millets, Succulents, snow on the mountain, Sweet peas, Gerbera standard and gerrondo, Dahlia, Green hypericum, stars of bethlehem, Mini Calla lily, Green baby artichokes, Wheat, White dsy and button feverfew, Ranunculus ,Scabiosa white, Succulents, Berzilian Baubles, Green Mist (better than q a lace!)green, Gerbera Dsy, tulips, mini calla lily, Trick Dianthus, Green Apple hydrangea, montecasino, Iris, Feverfew,White   Dusty miller, scabiosa, green glads, Bells of Ireland,  Bupleurum,  Delph, calla lilies mini, alstromeria, freesia, hydrangea, iris, stock, snaps,  wh kale, bells of ireland,  tulips standard, lily of the valley, gerbera, cymbidium mini and large, GARDENIA- workgards, singles and 3 pack, lily of the valley, glads,LILIES- white rialto, white la hybrids, dendrobium white and green, lisianthus :white to green, snaps, hanging grn amaranthus , Roses:  supergreen, greentea roses, vendela, button/spider poms,    

Fillers:  kale,  queen annes lace, white sinuata statice, feverfew, waxflower, parrot tulips

Sunflowers many kinds, iris, Standard Yarrow,  Dahlia, Billy balls, feverfew daisy and button style, Gerbera dsy, Stock, Conc D’Or or Yelloween Lilies, feverfew, Gerbera, Cremone and spider disbuds, solidago, Sunflowers, Gerbera, Mini Calla lilies, lisianthus cream, yel freesia  lilies asiatic, tulips, , cymbidium large and mini, snaps, Lilies solar Ice  roses/spray roses, alstromeria,

African Marigolds, Acorns (preorder!)  Echinacea pod, Montbretia, Peach Cottage Yarrow,Dahlia-coral-orange-café au lait, Birds of paradise, Orange gomphrena, Calla lily-peach-mango-yellow,, Amaryllis,Gladiola, Orange pincushion protea,  Hypericum  2 shades of pch,  Coral peach gerbera, cymbidiums large and mini, gerberas, mini calla lily-flame, mango, peach, burgundy, safari sunset, lilies la hybrid- royal sunset-, talisman snaps,  red freesia, gladiola, alstromeria, peach stock, French Tulips Menton, gerbera daisy, Roses; cinnamon, versilia, sahara, quicksand, leonidas roses


FLAX VARIG GrN and Var PINK, Naked Seeded Euc, bush ivy g/variSeeded Euc, MAG, MAGN TIPS, Short and long Beargrass, Camelia, Dusty Miller oakleaf , /finecut, MINI IVY, Honey Bracelet, Rosemary, Monstera, Rhamnus,Gunni Euc,Green Fatsia leaves Mazanita trees  7 foot.... curly willow, curly willow tips, Swordfern, Rosemary, mock orange green and varigated,  Stephonotis vine (special request), burg and green ti leaves, apsidistra-green, hanging pepperberry, Euyonymus, purple acacia, knifeblade acacia, Euyonymus, boxwood, lambs ear, grevillea, millets green and bronze!

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